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After reaching roughly 700 million active customers within a 12 months . 5 of its 2018 launch, TikTok has become among the fastest-growing social mass media apps of typically the last 10 years


Just like any trendy cultural platform with the huge global target audience, influencers and brands are flocking to TikTok.


As a new marketer who’s contemplating TikTok opportunities, you might be thinking if you should start a good account for your company, or should you influence influencers who became a member of early on plus already know precisely how to create participating content for the young audience.


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Actually if you recognize what TikTok will be and the fundamentals of how to be able to use it, typically the social platform is definitely still very brand new. Because of this, there aren’t a lot of rules, norms, or solid best practices intended for using the application just yet. In fact, most of the content on it remains fairly experimental and even creative. At this particular point, as opposed to asking, “What is TikTok? “, you could be asking yourself, “What makes a good account successful presently there? ”


When this comes to understanding what makes written content on a new public media platform productive, the best thing to do is look from the tactics of its most popular accounts. Researching what the very best are performing on an app like TikTok may also inspire your own ideas for great content material. Learn more about Viral stud


To help you learn related to what makes the most notable TikTok users therefore successful, we’ve assembled a rundown from the ten most-followed persons on TikTok, as well as a list of companies with a million fans or maybe more.


By looking at on TikTok’s virtually all followed accounts below, you’ll learn concerning what it takes to create engaging articles on the platform in addition to possibly get encouraged to create your TikTok videos.


Initial, we’ll dive in the platform’s top branded accounts. However, if you’d prefer to learn about TikTok’s most used users, who are mainly social websites influencers, you can just click here or scroll right down to see that list.


Brands With one Million+ TikTok Followers

TikTok Accounts








Mainly because brands are fairly new to TikTok, you’ll realize that these people haven’t nearly reached the high fans numbers as influencers. Also, because company accounts are the identical as individual company accounts, there’s no certain list to validate the platform’s highest-ranking companies. Nevertheless , here are some of the brands that have already overtaken 1 million enthusiasts on TikTok


1 . TikTok Accounts (@TikTok, @TikTok_India, @LiveTV)

Mixed Followers: 88 million+


TikTok’s main account, which has thirty-five. 5 million enthusiasts, is among the most followed upon the app. The particular next most-followed brand name accounts are TikTok India, with twenty nine million followers, and LiveTV which has 23. 7 , 000, 000 followers and gifts videos from Music. ly — the lip-syncing app that will TikTok took above in 2017.


TikTok and TikTok Asia both adhere to identical strategy of featuring features on the application, company news, and the inner workings of the TikTok office. Meanwhile, LiveTV curates and reposts engaging lip-syncing videos through the discontinued iphone app Musical. ly.


Since you’ve already viewed numerous great lip-syncing videos in this specific post, I’ll area in on TikTok’s flagship @TikTok accounts, which highlights the manufacturer itself.


While not necessarily surprising the TikTok has the top follower count about its own software, what is intriguing is how the account is employed. Instead than curating and reposting popular content made by customers, as Instagram may on its Instagram account, TikTok causes an unique content in order to educate viewers about the app and even brand. This is definitely a really good marketing technique because it allows people to notice the creative and unique inner operation of TikTok.


In this example, TikTok presents mini-interviews from the U. S. office’s diverse employees and even leadership. The video also demonstrates that will TikTok embraces female leaders:


TikTok furthermore highlights some involving its most interesting model and influencer accounts. For example, in the video below, TikTok promotes the NFL’s new TikTok funnel by showing staff talking about football:


Within video, TikTok has two regarding its popular influencers compete in a trivia game called #FinishTheTikTok where each player sees first their very own opponent’s TikTok content and has to be able to explain how that ends.


Regardless of which usually platform you marketplace your brand about, one of the particular best methods for developing an audience plus awareness is in order to showcase the issues that make your company unique. TikTok nails this method by continuously approaching up with methods to highlight it is brand, employees, plus prominent influencers to remind viewers why the app will be so successful.