Religion for persistence of human race

The Church of Free Will and Religion for persistence of human race



Free Will is the one true gift that we humans really do own. The single most important difference between us and the animals, is simply that we have the gift of reasoning. We also have the ability to use it to make rational decisions, to actually determine the course our lives should take. This is our Gift, but most of us don’t use it. This is one of the very few rights that we are truly born with and most of us spend the rest of our lives trying to give it away. They go to their governments, churches and courts to ask, “Please tell me what is right and wrong, make these decisions for me. Show me how to live my life.” Use that great, reasoning, human mind and make your own decisions, use your own judgment of the right and wrong things to do, Decide where you want your life to go and how you want to get there. It’s your decision, make it!



Let me make something perfectly clear, This is not a church, This is something new. In fact, we really should make a new name for it, one that better describes our aims and goals.The main purpose of a church is to control people. It is a very clever method of mind control used by a small fraction of the population to control a large percentage of the rest. It works rather well, it works because most people want to be …

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