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Online Casino Singapore Football – It’s Types,Tips and Top Site to place Bet



People go crazy after football games and tournaments. No other sports game can match up to the thrill factor of football games. This is the reason why betting on football games or tournaments have become quite popular these days. So, let us provide you some crucial information.



Basics and Types



Like any other type of sports betting, football betting involves placing your money on different aspects of the football game, such as outcome, total goals scored by the team, number of goals made by any particular player, etc. Every type of bet comes with certain odds and offer payouts accordingly. For instance, betting on the final score yields lesser payout that what betting on total goals scored by the team does. Now, take a look at the plenty of options available in football bettingl.




Match Result or 1X2: You have to predict the outcome of the match, i.e. Win, Draw, or Lose.


Total Goals (Under/Over): Make a guess whether the total number of goals would be less or more than the quoted figure.


HT-FT (Half time/ Full time): You have to predict the result of the game at HT and FT, but in the same bet.


FGS or First Goal Scorer: So, it is about predicting which team would score the first goal.


Total Goals: Quite simple, predict about the total goals scored in the match.


Handicap 1×2: Quite similar to match result bet, but offers …

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