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There many not be many people who have heard of 65 year old Singapore born Willie Tann, yet he is one of the most famous poker players in the world. The first Asian Poker Tour however is to take place soon and Willie Tann is planning on making his name famous again.

This will be the first high-stake tournament of its kind to take part in Singapore, and a prize of at least $1 million, which will be shared by 6 winners, is guaranteed.


Willie Tann is currently living in London, England. The veteran player can hardly wait to show the world his skills and his stone cold poker face as he puts it; 46 years of experience doesn’t go into thin air. He arrived in London many years ago to study law, that was in any case his parents’ idea, but he sound found out where his calling was. Poker was to be how he really made his money.


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Poker Update: Gold Wins The Green: WSOP Championship


Yes, the $12 million top prize of the 2006 37th WSOP Championship went to Jamie Gold, a Hollywood talent agent. He and most of the thousands of people who entered got their $10,000 entry fee from playing online poker, so they’re obviously against the pending legislation making Internet poker illegal.


Gold’s father suffers from Lou Gehrig’s disease, so he plans to use his winnings to make his family “comfortable”. He has plans to return to Hollywood, and to develop a new TV show about poker through his Buzz Nation company.


The top 12 winners of the WSOP tournament all won at least $1M, with Gold winning $12 million. According to the 2006 WSOP payout structure document (PDF, 22 pages), the second prize was over $6M, and the smallest thirty or forty prizes was $14,597 each. The total prize payout was over $82.5M. In fact, so much money was paid out that there were 63 prizes that were six-figures or higher.