Pauly Gets Another Shot at the 8g88 Championship…

I woke up pissed off yesterday morning after my poor performance on Tuesday night. I jumped on Party 8g88 to redeem myself. I played another WPT qualifier and guess what? I came in fourth place (out of 111) and won a $300 + $25 seat in another WPT super satellite slated for Tuesday April 6th at 9 pm. Last week I finished in 3rd place (out of 135) in the same qualifier.

Alas, I have another chance at the WPT Championships at the Bellagio and I’m not going to blow this one. Download the software at Party Poker if you want to watch.

I’m serious flattered that I had about ten plus people watching. I’ve found out over the last day… and read on several blogs how at some point during the night… my fellow poker bloggers stopepd by Party Poker to watch me play! That was really cool to get that kind of support. Here’s what Chris Halverson wrote:

I watched Pauly play in his WPT Satellite. I was trying to play at the same time, but I noticed I was paying more attention to Pauly’s table than mine…

I watched Pauly for quite a while, halfway through Level 2 until 5, then I missed 6 and part of 7 (wife time) and came back in time to see him short stacked to the left of a big, aggressive stack. He got bullied around a bit and went all in with KT. I thought he had it until the second A came up. Oh well, it was fun to watch and pull for him…

And of course, Al Can’t Hang showed up and witnessed the cheater-fiasco… here’s what he wrote:

We got home in enough time to ‘sit’ at the rail and watch Pauly play in the WPT Bellagio Super Satellite. Unfortunately, by the time I got there, he was already short stacked and hanging on. He survived a couple all-in’s but eventually was taken down. 71 out of 322 and players started dropping like flies shortly after. A valiant effort considering he was under T1000 for most of the time I was watching and the average stack was around T3000. Better luck next time Pauly!

Alas, I’ll be ready this time. I won’t be as nervous and I now know what it takes to go all the way. Hopefully, I’ll have a bigger crowd watching me play and rooting me on! It makes a difference to have that kind of support. Thanks again!

Can’t Y’all Take a Joke?

I took a ton of shit last year when I posted my April 1, 2003 entry… otherwise known as the Davey & Goliath Prank. People actually believed that I got a job in Hollywood writing for Davey & Goliath. And then they were pissed off when they fell for it. Oh well…

This year… I renamed my sites… to Tao of Party Poker and I changed the Tao of Pauly into… Tao of Paris. Lukily no one flipped out or anything.

Sell Out = WSoP Seat

I’m a whore. Sue me. But at least I’m going to get to play in the World Series of Poker! I just signed a deal with Party Poker. If I changed the name of my site to the Tao of Party Poker then they will pay me roughly $50,000 a year plus a seat at a poker event of my choice.

Say hello to a new name. I’m such a slut. But who cares, I’m going to take out Moneymaker and if I see Dutch Boyd, I’m going to tell him he’s one of the biggest jerkoffs I had ever seen. Then I’m going to steal his sunglasses and step on them. More to come!

I’d appreaciate it if you forever refer to this site as the Tao of Party Poker. Thanks for your patronage. See ya atthe tables, McG