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Bitcoin Dice Players are provided with casino news

The major type of casino news provided on the web is the game news. These type of casino news can be commonly found since major software platforms as well as proprietary casino are under pressure in order to constantly release the new games in order to stay current and in order to prevent players from getting bored. Although the most games are released so that the entire set of casinos can use the same software which most affiliates can online gamblingin uk target specific casinos who have launched the game. They can direct the player to varied places so that they can feel best. The most common form is game related news about online casinos and new video slot are released. Video slot do offer varied casino platforms and they provide versatility and they have ability to wow their players. Histories have shown that most innovative games do exist and more likely campaign to promote the game can be successful. know casino promotions do publish new forms of varied table games and they consist new rules or new graphics as well as other variants of video poker or specialty games.

The players while playing the casino games they should try to play on reputed sites. Thus when the players play on reputed sites they get best gaming experience. The players should also try to visit varied casino sites in order to know what varied keno caisno bonus they provide to the online Bitcoin Dice players and what different offers they …

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Situs Slot Deposit Pulsa Tanpa Potongan

CryptoLogic Expands into UK Situs Slot Deposit Pulsa Tanpa Potongan Licensing Markets

from Cryptologic – CryptoLogic Inc., a leading software supplier to the Internet gaming and e-commerce industries, today announced that it has commenced the certification process in the Isle of Man and Alderney – major new markets the British government recently opened up for regulated Internet gaming that have attracted some of the most recognized names in the gaming industry.

As part of its ongoing commitment to regulatory compliance for safe and secure online gaming, the company also advised that it has swiftly resolved a recent system intrusion with minimal impact.

“At CryptoLogic, we’re excited by the growth of responsible and regulated online gaming around the world,” said Jean Noelting, CryptoLogic’s president and CEO. “We’ve made no secret of our commitment to high standards in security and our belief in regulating the industry for the benefit of everyone.”

CryptoLogic is in the final stages of certification in Australia — widely seen as the world’s strictest regulatory model. The company has now commenced the compliance process in the Isle of Man and Alderney, which are both highly regulated environments for online gaming.

Given the significant investments in Australia, CryptoLogic believes it is well positioned to meet the requirements in these two jurisdictions in a shorter timeframe and expects that software certification in the Isle of Man will be completed by year-end.

Thanks to CryptoLogic’s comprehensive security system and compliance processes, the company promptly detected and resolved a recent system intrusion that caused higher win rates in certain games. There was no compromise …

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Casino Malaysia

Status of Casino Malaysia Gambling Laws in the U.S.

The following are American jurisdictions having recent activity concerning legal gambling.

* – States and territories with gaming devices are marked with an asterisk: *

! – States with at least one casino (defined as having both banking card games and slot-like machines) are marked with an exclamation point: !

!* CONNECTICUT – State and federal officials are investigating allegations in the book Without Reservation, which challenges the federal recognition of the Mashantucket Pequot Tribe, owners of Foxwoods, the largest, most profitable casino in the world. Then-Gov. Weicker signed compacts giving an oligopoly on slots to the Pequots and later to the Mohegans for 25% of net slot win or $80 million each, whichever is greater. So far, the state has received more than $1 billion. The compacts lack any limits, so both casinos keep growing. Foxwoods has a 315,310 square-foot casino with 370 table games, keno, poker tables, race book, high-stakes bingo and 5,944 slot machines. The two Indian casinos will win more than $1.5 billion this year, making them the third largest casino market in the U.S. Five more tribes are close to getting federal approval. Legal gambling has surpassed corporate income tax to become the third largest source of revenue in the state budget, behind the personal income tax and the sales tax. Connecticut’s last jai alai fronton is closing in Dec. 2001; Hartford closed in 1995 and Bridgeport fronton was converted to a dog track.

* DELAWARE – A 1994 law allowed each of the state’s …

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Togel Hongkong

SunOnline Partners with Togel Hongkong

SunOnline – SunOnline Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Sun International Hotels Limited, a leading international resort and gaming company, and, the online provider of travel and leisure solutions, today announced a partnership to provide online casino gambling to the over 2 million UK registered users and other visitors to the site.

Sun International will use its extensive knowledge of the global gaming consumer and unique Casino Atlantis Online product to provide secure gambling to users.

Links will be provided on the web site and will allow customers to click straight through to Casino Atlantis Online. In addition, the casino product will be promoted via the “staying in” section on the site and to subscribers.

Tobin Prior, CEO of SunOnline commented, “We are confident that Casino Atlantis Online will appeal to’s customers who are attracted to similar products on the site and are accustomed to transacting online.

“Clicking through to Casino Atlantis will be a virtual trip to our flagship resort and casino in the Bahamas of the same name, and the next best thing to organising a last minute trip there. is one of the most-visited travel sites in Europe and, as such, an excellent place for SunOnline to have a presence.”

Helen Baker, UK Managing Director of said, “We are always looking for new revenue streams that are relevant to our brand and of interest to our customers and gambling fits our offering well as part of the recently …

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Togel Hongkong The Ultimate Togel Hongkong Guide To Winning A Steady Stream Of Income At The Internet Casinos

You can purchase The Ultimate Guide To Winning A Steady Stream Of Income At The Internet Casinos at It’s available by immediate download or shipped as a book.

“You can win cash for cars, vacations and more every month, betting as little as $1 or $2 per hand.” As far as pitches go that one is pretty direct and to the point.

So the question I asked myself when I looked at this book is “what is this guy selling?” And in a nutshell it boils down to this: Blackjack basic strategy + betting rules + money management = the best chance of success. Following his simple approach author Dennis Spivak believes that the player can predictably and consistently win. “Let me tell you,” he says, “it’s utopia on the internet.”

Okay, hyperbole aside, his basic advice is pretty sound. Savvy players on and off the internet know that Blackjack is one of the few casino games where skilled players can minimize their loss expectation. And money management is essential to any player’s game strategy. As to the betting rules … well let’s have a look at the book first.

After a long and somewhat repetitious introduction and preamble the meat of Spivak’s text, his Chart, appears on page 34. It is a novel reworking of a standard Basic Strategy chart for a Multiple Deck game. What he adds to the mix is a lot of arm-twisting.

“When you stop thinking and start referring to the Chart …

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MGM Opens Internet IDN Slot Casino



MGM Mirage opened its highly anticipated Internet casino last week at with little fanfare. Company officials describe the opening as a “soft launch” designed to test and evaluate the system with low player volume. The official grand opening is expected in about a month.


The casino, which is licensed by the Isle of Man, does not accept U.S. bets.


MGM Mirage owns a number of popular Las Vegas casinos including Bellagio, Treasure Island, and MGM Grand.


Max’s Pet Peeves


We’ve all got ’em and when it comes to the online gambling scene I’m no different. Some big ones, some little ones and a few in the “while we’re at it” category just for good measure.


“Everyone is crooked!”

The “everyone is crooked” complaint is right up there at the top of my list. I mean really, just because people lose money is no basis for waving the “crook” stick around. Sure, some casinos are shady, some downright underhanded but that’s true in every aspect of life. In the internet gaming scene it’s all too easy to claim that some casino you can neither see, feel, nor talk to directly is ripping you off when you lose your 20th hand in Blackjack.


I think the truth has got a lot more to do with the fact that some people are lazy, do not do their research, and are happy to complain. I can honestly say that I have never — well maybe …

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Slot Online

Earl Resources Enters Into Asset Purchase Slot Online Agreements

Asset Acquisition, RTO, Change of Business Dateline, Wednesday, September 11, Vancouver, BC: Earl Resources Limited (TSX-V: ERL) (“the Company”) announces that it has entered into two arm’s length asset purchase agreements dated 9th September, 2002 to acquire 100% of Cambodia’s Magnum lottery license (“Magnum Agreement”) from its Singaporean licensee, Mr Khoo Hang Peng (“Magnum Seller”) and 100% of Cambodia’s MGM lottery license (“MGM Agreement”) from its Singaporean licensee, Mr Khoo Kim Leng (“MGM Seller”) through a reverse takeover transaction. Currently, the Magnum Cambodia Lottery Company is the management company operating the Magnum lottery business for the Magnum Seller, and MGM Sports Company Limited is the management company operating the MGM lottery business for the MGM Seller.


Under the terms of the Magnum Agreement, the Magnum Seller has agreed that the Company will

purchase 100% of the Magnum Lottery License (“Magnum License”) in consideration of the Company issuing to the Magnum Seller 5,980,241 of its common shares (the “Magnum Payment Shares”) at a deemed price of Canadian $0.58 per share and the Magnum Seller and Magnum Cambodia Lottery Company will continue to operate the Magnum lottery business on behalf of the Company. The Magnum Agreement contains a provision that guarantees that the Magnum lottery business will generate a net profit after tax of not less than US$480,000 per year over the next two-year period.


Under the terms of the MGM Agreement, the MGM Seller has agreed that the Company will purchase 100% of the MGM Lottery License (“MGM License”) …

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Macao casino giant reports profit leap for 2001

MACAO, July 25 (Xinhuanet) — The Macao Tourism and Amusement Company (STDM), which ran franchise casino business in Macao until2001, reported a 28 percent increase in net profits for last year.

?@?@The casino giant reaped profits totaling 1.84 billion patacas (230 million US dollars) in the year, Xinhua learned Thursday.

?@?@The company’s total assets reached 35.94 billion patacas (4.49 billion dollars) at the year-end, with debts amounting to 9.87 billion patacas (1.23 billion dollars).

?@?@The Macao Gaming Company, a subsidiary of the STDM, and two other companies were awarded by local government casino licenses allowing them to start gambling business in Macao as of April 1, putting an end to the 40-year monopoly of the STDM in the sector.

Gaming crime plan in Victoria; Australia

THE State Government has vowed to uncover the extent of gambling-related crime in Victoria.

“Obviously it’s an issue out there that needs to be addressed,” Gaming Minister John Pandazopoulos said.

Mr Pandazopoulos said an independent body investigating gambling crimes in Victoria would shed light on the problem.

The Gambling Research Panel’s findings, due for release in about a year, will be made public no matter what they reveal, he said.

“That might be uncomfortable for the Government but it’s very important the community knows what the research says,” he said.

But he baulked at suggestions that UFA gambling-related crime was out of control. “I don’t know about that,” he said.

But Opposition gaming spokesman Ted Baillieu said the Government had done “bugger all” to help …

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Ligaz11 Review of Hold’em’s Odd(s) Book

Briefly, this book tells you how to calculate the odds of just about any event occurring at a Texas Hold’em poker table. The book starts with a review of basic mathematics and probability and then slowly builds the math necessary to do complicated card odds calculations.

The book solves most problems using a quick-and-dirty calculation, a detailed calculation, and a computer simulation. It is interesting to compare one’s intuition to a back-of-the-envelope answer and then a detailed answer. In many cases one’s intuition is excellent, in others, the real odds can be surprising.

This book is a lot less about what the odds are of various Hold’em events occurring as it is about how to calculate these sorts of card odds. To be honest, I was expecting, and hoping for, more of the former than the latter. For myself, I already know how to calculate these odds, I was interested in finding a place where all the numbers I was interested in are already calculated. While it should be noted that it’s not the author’s fault that this book isn’t Percentage Hold’em by Will Hyde, the book that fulfills the role I was hoping for, I really can’t recommend this book on its own merits.

Setting aside for the moment that the book looks cheap, with its fixed width font layout, for the money it commands, the book just doesn’t seem terribly substantive to me. The book occupies a fairly narrow niche in the market. The prospective reader has to …

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Togel Singapore Offers Situs Judi Slot House Odds

Canada NewsWire – announces the release of the world’s first online gaming platform that allows players to enjoy the “house” odds. Patent-pending software launched early this month after research and development by Honor Graduates of Technion University in Israel.

BeTheDealer combines the best of Internet gaming — a multiplayer capability with a transaction fee model using proprietary algorithms that allow players to become the house. This is the first time a casino company has been able to provide players with the ability to play as the dealer.

As a dealer, players are afforded not only an increase in odds since they’re playing as the house, they also have the excitement of becoming the blackjack dealer or even acting as the slot machine itself, while chatting with the other players.

Peer-to-peer technologies such as those employed by Napster and ICQ/AOL Instant Messenger are unique in their ability to virally market themselves to large numbers. Similar to eBay, BeTheDealer charges as commission a fraction of the value transacted through its system thereby rapidly growing revenue.

BeTheDealer has signed on Togel Singapore  portals Lycos and LastMinute in the UK, as well as other leading Internet sites. These agreements, as well as others in the pipeline in Europe mediated by Ariadne Capital, help position the company to capture a share of the online gaming market that researcher Datamonitor estimates will grow to $5 billion in 2004 from $50 million in 1999 in Europe.

“The online gaming industry is maturing and gaining credibility …

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