My exclusive Qiu Qiu Pkv interview with Brian Ching!

Qiu Qiu Pkv

Back in February, I was working for the Seattle Sounders of the USL First Division. I got the chance to interview ex-Sounder superstar Brian Ching.

It was only the third post in a budding blog, so I’m sure not many people got to see it. Here are the highlights…

JM: What are some things that stand out from your time in Seattle with the Sounders?

BC: I really enjoyed Seattle in the summer; it’s probably my favorite city – outside of Hawaii – in the summer, because there is so much water there, it’s so green.

JM: How do you think you developed as a player in your time here?

BC: I honestly feel that if I didn’t play with the Sounders, I wouldn’t have come as far as I did –- playing in the MLS and with the national team.

For me it was a tremendous learning Qiu Qiu Pkv experience; it allowed me to grow, to become a better player. I picked up my level play, my speed of play and speed of thought… I learned how to manage myself and my body, learned how to be a pro.

JM: In your opinion, how was the MLS progressed and what does the future look like?

BC: I think it’s developed tremendously and it’s continuing to develop. I think they’re slowly increasing teams at the right pace with the right ideas in mind, having soccer specific stadiums for any new teams coming in.

Soccer is the number one youth sport, so they’re starting to make the connection with that, having more kids come to the games and growing relationship between MLS clubs and the youth clubs in the cities.

It’s a slow process. I definitely think that were on the right track.

JM: Have you ever thought about playing in Europe?

BC: I’ve thought about it, definitely. I think if the opportunity comes up and is right for me and my wife, I’d take it. It’d have to be the right opportunity.

Having said that, nothing has really come across my lap that has satisfied that.

JM: Does scoring a goal now feel any different than back when you were younger?

BC: It feels the same; it’s what I play for, what drives me and keeps me going. When I actually score a goal I love celebrating with the fans and seeing how happy it makes them and their reactions.

JM: Any goal stand out as your favorite? I can think of a game-winning bicycle kick and a game-tying goal in extra time of the MLS Cup…

BC: The bicycle kick was a huge one for me, it’s right up there with the one in the MLS cup.

So far as the significance of what it’s done for our team and me, I think those two goals are the highlights and ones I remember vividly (JM: Like 1A and 1B?) Yeah, pretty much.

JM: Was is it like playing for your country on the national team?

BC: It’s an honor. It’s a tremendous pressure you put on your own shoulders representing your country to do well.

You want to us to do well; you want to beat other countries and you want to be a good soccer nation. I think success at the national team is a huge part of that.

So every time I put on that jersey, for me I’m extremely proud I’m able to represent our country.


JM: You’re the defending MLS champs right now, what is that like?


BC: It’s like a dream come true, you know goal accomplished. Now you rethink your goals for yourself and come back this season and prove that we’re a good team and we can win it again. I think that is really going to push me forward this year


JM: We’ll let you go with a fun one, I understand you’re an avid surfer. Have you been able to keep up with that in Houston?


BC: You know what, I haven’t. I’m going to try to get out a couple times this summer, though I’ve heard it’s not the greatest.


I love the ocean so much; just being in water is relaxing for me and something that I love. So hopefully we’ll find some swells, something around here, and be able to catch a few waves.


JM: Thanks so much for your time Brian, it’s been a pleasure talking to you?


BC: Thanks Josh. Take care.