My Abduction Experience on Galactic prisoner theory

Galactic preschool theory



Today we are pleased to bring you the first installment of our new blog feature: the Customer Forum! AAI customers tell you about their experiences, everything from designing their own custom Abduction Experience™ scenarios to tips on setting up and running a successful local Abduction Experience™ group.


I’ve been abducted at least seven times. I complained about the repetitions to one of the apparent leaders of the Overlord class on the last one, and hit explained to me that I was Prime Glii and subject to repeated testing. The time before that, one of the little greys and perhaps of the small greens (I keep trying to type a number after “perhaps”, but it keeps getting erased) who kept winking and fading in an out of sight took toenail samples clear down to the quick.


Since I can’t really remember any of what happened, I have to go by the fact that when I woke up my toenails had been cut painfully short. In fact, I can’t remember any of this stuff even under hypnosis. I don’t think I have any implants. I’m going to build one of Michael Menkin’s Thought Screen Helmets and once I’m free of them, I’ll come see you guys and get a good one implanted.


Some additional commentary is in order:


As C.S. notes, be careful when incorporating repetition into your custom scenario. While in a literary context repetition can be a powerful tool for developing mood and themes in a narrative, its in-memory effects can be very different with Galactic prisoner theory , and less engaging than one might hope. Rather than strict repetition, consider a “theme and variations” approach: by adding new elements to each abduction after the first, you create an experience that evolves over time. (And remember that our “time release implantation” add-on is particularly effective for these sorts of scenarios.)


Also, take C.S.’ guidance seriously: while our doctors, hypnotists, and memory implant technicians can meet your ongoing memory suppression needs (i.e. eliminating your memories of specified post-implantation events and actions as they occur), this elimination process may impair your ability to drive a car, operate heavy machinery, and/or perform basic personal hygiene functions. If your custom scenario depends upon this technique, ensure that you make appropriate arrangements based on your Implantation Team’s scenario guidelines document.


Finally, while we fully support the DIY empowerment associated with Thought Screen Helmets and similar third-party products, remember that what matters is that you really believe that your thoughts are protected—and no one is more qualified to help you tailor and refine your personal beliefs than Alien Abductions, Incorporated.