Homeopathic Acne Solutions And Treatments

Homeopathic acne solutions and treatments employ a holistic approach in the treatment of acne. Homeopathic acne cures are administered to tackle the underlying cause of the pimples. You can also learn about “expert filler injector“, click here.

The homeopath first does an in-depth analysis of his or her patient, often going as far as examining the patient’s skin, as well as understanding the patient’s lifestyle and habits. In other words, homeopaths do not just treat diseases, they treat people.

Homeopathy is available on the NHS if you have a letter of referral from your GP. It has been shown that slightly more than half of patients who use homeopathic acne treatments experience at least moderate improvement of their acne. Unfortunately, these homeopathic acne cures will not help with scarring left behind by acne.

As such, there is no one homeopathic treatment for acne. Different homeopathic acne medication is used for different types of people with different types of acne. One’s person’s prescription often differs from another person’s, even though they both have acne. This being said, the most commonly prescribed homeopathic acne medication are sulphur and silica.

The More Well-Known Homeopathic Acne Medication

Hepar Sulphuris Calcarem to heal painful acne lesions which rupture and take a long time to heal.

Calcarea Carbonica to treat acne which breaks out frequently in a overweight person who also consumes a lot of sugar and sweet foods. Sweets heat up the body and can cause frequent acne breakouts. The patient is also frequently anxious.

Antimonium Tartarium to treat painful, pus-filled acne lesions. The person suffering from this type of acne often exhibit bluish red marks.

Silica to treat acne which has formed deep below the skin in a person who often feels cold and with very low body resistance to fight against the acne. The patient feels tired, sweats a lot at night, has weak, ridged nails and may be stubborn and petty.

Pulsatilla particularly helps women who develop acne in the premenstrual period. The type of person who responds to pulsatilla is said to be mild-tempered and indecisive, often weepy but quickly cheered up by a few reassuring words. Although the patient tends to feel the cold, the patient also likes fresh air and hate stuffy atmosphere.

Sulphur helps reddish acne lesions which also itch a lot.

Besides visiting a homeopathy, you can also buy homeopathic acne medication from pharmacies and health food shops. You can start with the 6c strength medication and take two homeopathic acne pills twice a day.

Dosage, which is usually specified by your doctor, is important in homeopathic acne treatments. The dosage of the medicine depends on the severity of the infection. Your homeopath will recommend a particular dosage and wait for a response. If there is an improvement, you will stay with this dosage till improvement slows or stops.

Homeopathic acne treatments often do not show an improvement immediately. Sometimes, the right homeopathic acne medication may even cause the acne to get more severe first before improving.

When you experience an aggravation, stop the treatment until the aggravation has completely settled down before resuming your homeopathic acne treatment. You may get an aggravation the second time round, but it will be less severe.

Homeopathy works by stimulating your body’s own healing processes. The duration of treatment is proportionate to the length of time you have had acne. If your acne had started only recently, the response should be fairly quick. But if you have had acne for several years, you may need six months or more of homeopathic acne treatment.

Homeopathy is very safe. If it does not work well for you, it will also not cause any harm. When a homeopathic acne solution works for you, the effect is long-term.

You do not need to keep taking homeopathic acne medication indefinitely, although you may need an occasional dose to maintain your skin health. Be sure to go to a registered homeopath for your homeopathic acne solutions.