“Millions of dollars in ill-gotten gains,” apparently

Some gambling ads on Google, Yahoo! and other major websites are illegal in California, according to a new lawsuit.


The 60-page filing, presented in San Francisco Superior Court, alleges that the companies sell rights to web advertisements based on searches for terms such as “illegal gambling,” “internet gambling” and “California gambling.”


The online Ingatbola88 businesses also use geotracking software to target particular regions, including California, for illegal gambling ads, according to the lawsuit.


The lawsuit demands that the companies stop accepting the advertisements and give California “millions of dollars in ill-gotten gains,” said attorney Ira Rothken, one of several attorneys from firms involved in the class-action lawsuit.


The suit is the latest to involve internet gambling, which has become a multibillion-dollar-a-year business and is usually focused on online poker or blackjack. Wireless interests, including mobile phone service providers, also offer gambling opportunities to their subscribers.


Yahoo! and Google, in turn, rake in a majority of the millions of dollars gambling firms spend on advertising, according to the lawsuit. Representatives from the two companies did not return a call seeking comment.




LETHBRIDGE, ALTA. – Dar Heatherington, the controversial Lethbridge alderwoman who promised to leave council next month, has officially been removed from her job.

Heatherington had submitted her resignation earlier this week effective Sept. 10, the day she is to be sentenced for public mischief. Heatherington was convicted …

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Togel Online




Pennsylvania Lottery officials today announced that the one winning ticket in the May 8, 2004, Powerball(R) drawing was sold at a Cumberland Farms store located on Route 532 in Washington Crossing, Bucks County.

One winning ticket sold in Pennsylvania matched all five white balls, 3-9-17-37-43, and the red Powerball(R), 39, in Saturday night’s drawing. The $213.2 million Powerball(R) jackpot is the largest jackpot prize in Pennsylvania Lottery history.


The winning Powerball(R) jackpot ticket has an annuity value of $213.2 million and a cash value of $110.2 million, less 25 percent federal withholding. The winner has one year to claim the Powerball(R) jackpot prize. The winner has 60 days from the date he or she claims the prize to decide between 30 annuity payments over a period of 29 years, or a one-time cash payment.


At this time, the winner of Saturday’s record jackpot has not come forward. The Lottery encourages the holder of the winning Powerball(R) ticket to sign the back of the ticket, contact a financial advisor and contact the Lottery at (717) 986-4720. The prize must be claimed at Lottery headquarters in Middletown, Dauphin County. A claim for the prize may be filed Monday through Friday, between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.


“This has turned out to be a very happy Mother’s Day for Lottery players in Pennsylvania,” said Secretary of Revenue Gregory C. Fajt, who oversees the Pennsylvania Lottery. “Not only was the winning jackpot ticket sold in Pennsylvania, but three match-five …

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Online Casino Singapore

Online Casino Singapore Football – It’s Types,Tips and Top Site to place Bet



People go crazy after football games and tournaments. No other sports game can match up to the thrill factor of football games. This is the reason why betting on football games or tournaments have become quite popular these days. So, let us provide you some crucial information.



Basics and Types



Like any other type of sports betting, football betting involves placing your money on different aspects of the football game, such as outcome, total goals scored by the team, number of goals made by any particular player, etc. Every type of bet comes with certain odds and offer payouts accordingly. For instance, betting on the final score yields lesser payout that what betting on total goals scored by the team does. Now, take a look at the plenty of options available in football bettingl.




Match Result or 1X2: You have to predict the outcome of the match, i.e. Win, Draw, or Lose.


Total Goals (Under/Over): Make a guess whether the total number of goals would be less or more than the quoted figure.


HT-FT (Half time/ Full time): You have to predict the result of the game at HT and FT, but in the same bet.


FGS or First Goal Scorer: So, it is about predicting which team would score the first goal.


Total Goals: Quite simple, predict about the total goals scored in the match.


Handicap 1×2: Quite similar to match result bet, but offers …

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Toto HK

2 Gamble Online – Casino Bingo, Toto HK and Poker Games Gambling Guide welcomes you! We are very happy to welcome you here at 2 Gamble Online. How to gamble online for real money or just for fun and where to gamble online safely are two the most frequent questions. We are a professional online poker and online casino gamblers since 2001, we also have an experience in online sports gambling and we will guide you thru the exciting world of online gaming and betting! Now you are just a few steps away from entering the fun and amazing world of online gambling. Here you will find all the information you need to start your online betting experience the right way, being completely prepared and studied.


We have focused all our energy in creating a guide that will teach the gambling beginner how to bet on all casino games, especially Poker Games, since we love them. Learn how to play poker online including: 5 Card Stud Poker, Texas Hold’em Poker, Big River Texas Holdem Poker, 5 Card Draw Poker, Omaha Hi-Lo Poker, Caribbean Stud Poker and lots more poker games.


If you already know how to gamble on poker games we recommend you visit Bet365 Poker for the best gambling action online. There you can play against real people in multi player tables and join tournaments with excellent prizes. Download the free Bet365 Poker Software! For more great poker gaming sites visit our poker directory.


Learn all you can about poker before playing at an online casino. …

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Agen Bola




If you are looking to pass time at your home and want to do something thrilling than playing the online lottery is best for you. Online lottery is a game of luck and chance as the conventional lottery the only difference is you can play the online lottery from the comforts of your home whereas you have to visit a local lottery parlour to play the conventional lottery games. There are numerous benefits of playing online lottery rather than playing the conventional lottery games. The comfort and convenience that online lottery games provide is much more and unmatched from their conventional counterparts. You don’t have to go out of your home and drive all the way to the conventional lottery parlour to purchase a lotto ticket or a scratch card only to return home empty handed. You don’t have to visit the lottery parlour again on some specific date to know about the lottery news or you won’t have to buy a particular newspaper to know your results. When all you can do is play the online lottery from the comfort of your home and get the results almost instantly. Even if the game you are playing takes certain days to declare the results you won’t have to keep looking for them every time. You will get a message on your mail letting you know about the results. You don’t have to sit in the chatter and clutter of people making noise and shouting at the top of …

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Qiu Qiu Online

Cara Bermain Domino Qiu Qiu Online Indonesia



Permainan judi domino qq saat ini sedang populer di kalangan penggemar judi online di Indonesia, bukan tanpa sebab mereka menyukai permainan ini, itu karena permainan domino qq sangat mudah untuk dipahami dalam memainkanya. Permainan domino qq ini sudah ada sejak dulu, dan pada jaman dulu apabila mereka mau berjudi domino qq maka para penjudi harus berkumpul dengan beberapa orang lalu bertaruh. Tentu saja bagi para penggemar judi jaman sekarang cara tersebut sudah tidak populer lagi dan tidak efektif menginggat orang jaman sekarang begitu sibuk dengan aktivitas mereka yang padat. Namun semua itu sudah berubah semenjak hadirnya judi domino qq secara online, dan canggihnya domino qq online ini dapat dimainkan melalui handphone, laptop, maupun komputer, jadi para penggemar judi domino qq ini dapat bermain dimana saja dan kapan saja dengan aman dan nyaman.


Sudah banyak masyarakat yang mengerti cara bermain judi domino qq ini, tetapi banyak juga yang masih belum tau ataupun paham cara memainkan permainan tersebut, dan bagi para pemula yang belum paham cara bermainya jangan kuatir melalui artikel ini kami akan membantu anda memahami permainan domino qq online dengan artikel cara bermain domino qq online indonesia.


Domino 99 adalah permainan yang menggunakan 28 kartu domino, dan masing-masing pemain akan mendapatkan 4 buah kartu, ketentuan untuk pemenangnya adalah pemain yang mempunyai jumlah kartu tertinggi. Untuk cara menghitung kartunya adalah anda menjumlahkan setiap bulatan yang ada pada kartu anda.

Contoh kartu domino qq :


cara bermain domino qq online



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Bitcoin Dice

Bitcoin Dice Players are provided with casino news



The major type of casino news provided on the web is the game news. These type of casino news can be commonly found since major software platforms as well as proprietary casino are under pressure in order to constantly release the new games in order to stay current and in order to prevent players from getting bored. Although the most games are released so that the entire set of casinos can use the same software which most affiliates can online gamblingin uk target specific casinos who have launched the game. They can direct the player to varied places so that they can feel best. The most common form is game related news about online casinos and new video slot are released. Video slot do offer varied casino platforms and they provide versatility and they have ability to wow their players. Histories have shown that most innovative games do exist and more likely campaign to promote the game can be successful. know casino promotions do publish new forms of varied table games and they consist new rules or new graphics as well as other variants of video poker or specialty games.


The players while playing the casino games they should try to play on reputed sites. Thus when the players play on reputed sites they get best gaming experience. The players should also try to visit varied casino sites in order to know what varied keno caisno bonus they provide to the online Bitcoin Dice players and what …

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Togel Online

Tips Bermain Taruhan Bola Untuk Togel Online Pemula Mudah Sekali



TIPS BERMAIN TARUHAN BOLA – Bermain taruhan bola memang saat ini sedang populer, dengan informasi dan akses berjudi taruhan bola yang mudah menjadikan taruhan bola sangat disukai oleh para pemain judi. Bukan tanpa alasan judi bola menjadi yang paling disukai bagi bettor bola, boleh dibilang judi bola adalah yang paling mudah diantara semua jenis judi. Dalam kesempatan kali ini kami akan memberikan tips bermain taruhan bola untuk pemula.


tips bermain taruhan bola


Tetapi dengan mudahnya akses dan berjudi bola bukan berarti tanpa ada kendala bagi para penjudi untuk bermain dengan aman dan nyaman, hal yang terpenting untuk diingat dan diperhatikan oleh para pemain judi adalah mencari agen taruhan judi resmi dan berkualitas dan tentunya terpercaya juga. kenapa bisa dibilang terpenting? karena kualitas dan pengalaman suatu agen besar akan sangat menentukan anda dalam aktivitas taruhan judi. Jika agen tersebut memiliki kualitas yang bagus seperti misalnya proses deposit dan penarikan dana kemenangan yang sangat cepat, respon kepada member juga cepat dan tentunya di dalam agen tersebut terdapat permainan yang lengkap dan berkualitas maka itu semua akan membuat anda sebagai member akan termanjakan dan dalam bertaruh judi bola pun akan terasa sangat menyenangkan.


Disamping mencari agen taruhan judi yang Togel Online resmi dan berkualitas, kami juga memberi saran agar supaya akun judi yang sudah diberikan kepada anda untuk dijaga dengan baik atau tidak di bagikan kepada siapapun kecuali anda. Hal tersebut penting karena kedepanya akun anda akan aman dan mencegah untuk di hack oleh orang yang tidak …

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poker online




AGEN JUDI – Prediksi pertandingan. Pesta sepak bola terbesar di Eropa Piala eropa akan banyak menyuguhkan pertandingan  antara negara besar di eropa yang akan berlangsung pada tanggal 8 juni sampai 1 juli 2012 di polandia dan ukraina. Dan kali ini kami akan membeikan prediksi pertandingan Spanyol vs Italia yang akan berlangsung pada tanggal 10 juni 2012.  ini adalah pertandingan pertama yang ada digrup C yang akan mempertemukan kandidat juara piala eropa 2012 yaitu spanyol yang akan bertemu dengan  tim elit dan banyak di isi oleh banyak pemain bintang. Laga Spanyol vs italia sendiri akan disiarkan secara langsung di RCTI pada pukul 23.00 WIB.


Spanyol merupakan juara bertahan dan salah satu tim yang difavoritkan akan menjadi juara piala eropa 2012, saat ini skuad spanyol diisi oleh pemain pemaim bintang yang berasal dari klub klub terbaik saat ini yaitu Real madrid dan Barcelona. Spanyol saat ini dilatih oleh Vicente del Bosque yang pernah membawa Spanyol menjadi kampiun pada piala dunia 2010, sebelum menghadapi italia dalam piala eropa nanti spanyol akan melakukan pertandinngan ujicoba melawan korea Selatan 31 mei mendatang dan melawan China pada 3 juni nanti.




AGEN JUDI – Prediksi pertandingan. Tinggal beberapa hari lagi piala Eropa 2012 atau Euro 2012 akan segera dimulai pada tanggal 8 juni sampai 1 juli 2012 dipolandia dan Ukraina. Kembali bersama kami akan memberikan berbagai infomasi tentang penyelenggaraan piala Eropa 2012. Dan kali ini kami akan memberikan prediksi pertandingan Kroasia vs Spanyol piala Eropa …

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judi poker

Prediksi judi bola – Lubang Hitam Arsenal & Manchester United



Guna mengerti Arsene Wenger, kita perlu melihatnya dgn segi seorang sopir taksi. Tips menyetirnya tak yang terhebat & kerap salah di menangkap kepastian. Pengetahuan urusan rute jalan pun tak mutakhir sehingga sering kali ia harus bertanya terlebih dulu “Mau lewat mana? ” terhadap penumpang yang malangnya juga berserah diboyong ke mana-mana.test1


Sesekali kebiasaan mengemudinya pun kerap membahayakan penumpang karena lupa kapan mesti menginjak rem. Yang ia tahu cuma mengobarkan pedal gas. Guna menjauhi hal-hal yang enggak diinginkan, sopir taksi yg bijak mesti tau gimana jalan memilih penumpang. Ia kerap lalai mengerjakan ini & berbuntut di dalam penumpang yang kabur turun pada jalan pra melunasi argo perjalanan.


Tetapi Wenger ialah pekerja keras oleh, sekalipun dengan semua marabahaya yang gak sempat menyingsing menyertainya, setiap hari ia senantiasa mampu menggenapi setoran. Tanggung  judi poker jawab yang dikasih kepadanya tidak sempat gagal ia emban. Kelompok manajemen taksi tidak terlalu ambil pusing soal protes & kritikan yang disampaikan karena jalan mengemudi Wenger yg gak lagi relevan dalam masa hari ini. Selama masa nominal setoran terkabul, mereka gak mempermasalahkan apa cara penguasaan sopir mereka di jalan.


Taksi lokasi Wenger bekerja tak pernah memasang tumpuan menjagoi penghargaan perusahaan taksi terhebat. Mereka hanya hirau di dalam cashflow and balance yang hendak terus berada di dalam kondisi tetap sepanjang segalanya yg diminta selalu bisa diberikan.


Hendak super sulit guna mengeluarkan bahwa apa-apa yang diminta oleh Arsenal pada setiap musimnya bertambah dr setimpal merembes pada Liga Champions. Soalnya jika tidak, Wenger telah didepak atas …

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