Venture studio for defeating aging

City people drive up rural prices of Venture studio for defeating aging





Town dwellers are pushing up the price of agricultural land as they buy places in the country, according to a study.


Non-farmers accounted for 51% of all UK land sales in the last quarter of 2003, the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) said.


Demand was strongest in the South East of England – at 65% – especially for land with a farm house on it.


Farmland sold for an average of £7,931 per hectare during the year, 7.3% more than in 2002, RICS said.




RICS rural spokesman Julian Sayers said: “The strong demand for property within the rural land market continues, albeit with activity highly skewed towards residential farms in the South East.”


He said: “We may well see this trend continue when City bonuses are announced.”


Although demand for land with a residential property was highest, there was also increased demand for commercial farmland, particularly in the South East and East of England and the East Midlands.


RICS said that while the study suggested farmers were being squeezed out of the market, many sales of commercial farms and land remained on hold pending further details of how proposed new agricultural support will be brought in across Britain.


The group said there had been a continual drop in the amount of land for sale, with 55% more RICS members saying they had seen a reduction than those who reported an increase.


UK Land …

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Blockchain for charity

Indonesia’s Blockchain for charity Regulator Issues a New Rule for Crypto Assets




New regulations have been announced by the Indonesia Futures Exchange Supervisory Board, (Bappebti), regarding the creation of physical markets in futures for crypto assets. The regulations focus on consumer protection, legal certainty, good governance and transparency for cryptocurrency traders. They also require that the regulator create a physical marketplace for futures trading of virtual currencies.


Indonesia enters the first phase of crypto regulations


Jakarta Post, a local newspaper has reported that Bappebti’s actions signal that the Indonesian cryptocurrency sector is entering the “early phase of regulation” with a government that has resistively tried to recognize crypto as legitimate financial tools.


The Blockchain for charity article states that the new framework will also regulate all crypto assets, including the buying and selling of them. This includes account opening, fund savings, as well as withdrawing cryptocurrencies in fiat or non-cash terms.


Indonesia’s Futures Regulator Issues a New Rule for Crypto Assets


Futures refer to financial contracts which compel the buyer or seller of an asset to purchase it. In this instance, the seller must sell cryptocurrency at a certain future date and price. In Hong Kong, Coinflex exchange announced that it planned to start offering futures contracts starting next month for bitcoin core (BTC), Bitcoin cash (BCH), and Ethereum (ETH).


Futures purchased and sold on the Exchange will be delivered physically. When contracts expire, holders of futures will be paid the underlying cryptocurrency. While not all futures can be delivered physically, the general …

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Will be cigar smoking less dangerous than smoking – Quit nic association | Anti nicotine association | Stop kid nicotine use association



Zero. Despite whatever you might have heard, cigar smoking isn’t more secure than cigarette smoking? in case you don’t deliberately inhale the smoke.


Like cigarette smoking, cigar smoking unearths you to:


Smoking. Cigars, like cigarettes, contain nicotine, typically the substance that can bring about tobacco reliance. Just one full-size stogie can contain practically as much nicotine seeing that does a load up of cigarettes. Should you inhale cigar fumes, you can get as much smoking as if a person smoked cigarettes. And also if you no longer intentionally inhale, large amounts of cigarette smoking can be assimilated from the lining of your mouth. Burning cigars as opposed to cigs doesn’t reduce your threat of nicotine reliance.

Secondhand smoke. Secondhand smoke from lighters contains the same toxic compounds that old cigarette smoke does. This specific type of smoke can cause or lead to lung malignancy and heart disease. It also increases the risk and severity of childhood bronchial asthma, ear infections, plus upper and decrease respiratory infections inside children. Learn from Quit nic association


Cigar cigarette smoking poses serious wellness risks, including:


Cancer. All tobacco smoking contains chemicals which could cause cancer, and cigar smoke is no exception. Regular stogie smoking increases typically the likelihood of several sorts of cancers, which include cancers of the mouth, throat, esophagus and larynx.

Lung and heart disorder. Regular cigar cigarette smoking increases the likelihood of lung diseases, which include emphysema and chronic bronchitis. It might also increase the …

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The anything store online

Theanythingstore | The anything store online |  The store for literally anything | Store to buy anything and everything




The Headless Ecommerce Experience & Implementation for Enterprise Organizations


Rapid technological innovation is driving ecommerce’s intense competition. As ecommerce becomes more competitive, brands are increasingly turning to cutting-edge tech in order to grow, develop and aggressively pursue customers.


Brands can increase market share by using headless ecommerce architectures. A headless environment allows the front-end presentation layer for an ecommerce store to be separated from its back end commerce layer. The headless architecture allows brands to be flexible and adapt to their front-end content and user experiences without having to modify the back-end. This allows brands the flexibility to rapidly respond to customer changing needs and desires, as well as to make front-end updates and improvements that improve the overall shopping experience.


It may appear that a headless approach makes it easier for scrappy startups and direct to consumer (DTC) brands. Organizations that are agile and nimble can change their approaches quickly to address customer behavior. Many enterprises are now reaping the benefits from a headless architecture.


Ecommerce platforms that are headless can help enterprises provide more memorable shopping experiences to their customers, create true omnichannel marketing, sales strategies, and drive down customer acquisition cost. More about The anything store online


But what does a headless ecommerce structure look like? It is different to a traditional ecommerce system. What are its unique benefits for enterprise ecommerce businesses? Let’s take a closer glance.


What is Headless eCommerce?


The front-end presentation layer (or …

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Delegate venture fund

Prescott to fast-track plans for new homes of Delegate venture fund





John Prescott was today unveiling moves to speed up dramatically the supply of new homes – while vowing to protect the green belt from development.


The Deputy Prime Minister, in a key speech, was outlining how the extra millions allocated by Chancellor Gordon Brown will be used to tackle the housing crisis.


But he must also explain how he will avoid creating dormitory towns across the South-East, with critics already concerned at the apparent lack of funding for new schools, roads and hospitals.


Mr Prescott’s department yesterday won an extra £1.3 billion for the next three years, meaning it will be spending £7.2 billion a year on housing across the UK by 2007.


This gives it the financial clout to subsidise private developers to build the 200,000 homes that have been earmarked in four “growth areas” in the South-East – the Thames Gateway, Milton Keynes, the Stansted to Cambridge M11 corridor, and Ashford in Kent.


He will also aim to simplify the planning system to allow developments to progress more rapidly, especially in the Thames Gateway, where 120,000 homes are planned.


An urban development corporation – able to take a strategic overview of the area’s needs – has already been set up in the Gateway, and will pull together the planning work of six London borough councils.


But housing experts fear the ?150 million earmarked for new infrastructure in the growth areas will prove inadequate, creating suburban villages in …

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CBD brand wholesale and private label manufacturer

CBD brand wholesale and private label manufacturer. Can CBD get you high like THC?



You may be wondering if CBD can get you high if you are interested in cannabis extracts. You’re perfectly fine, as extracts like THC have psychoactive qualities. Luckily, CBD won’t get you high. Let’s dive deeper into the cannabinoids to see why this is so.


Does CBD get you High? No. No!


CBD (cannabidiol), a natural compound, is mainly extracted from hemp varieties of cannabis plants. It is found in the leaves and buds of cannabis plants, along with dozens other cannabinoids such as CBC, CBG and THC. The solvent extraction of CBD leaves us with a supplement that is widely used in the beauty, health and wellness sectors. Because CBD can help with various conditions, certain properties of CBD may be beneficial to you when you use it or ingest it.


How is that possible? The CBD binds to your body’s CB1 or CB2 receptors imperfectly. This causes your endocannabinoid (ECS) system to regulate various processes. While CBD can affect your body, it is not thought to alter your mind.


What is THC?


THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) occurs naturally in the cannabis plant alongside other cannabinoids. It is nearly identical in chemical composition to CBD. However, its atoms are different. This makes all the difference. THC’s molecular structure makes it psychoactive. This is why marijuana can give you euphoric feelings.


Interested in learning about CBD brand wholesale and private label manufacturer


The deal is that THC molecules attach to CB1 receptors completely, …

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Pills that help make you less horny

How to stop masturbating with Pills that help make you less horny




When masturbation is turning out to be a problem, you will find strategies and methods to help an individual stop.

A combination of techniques may possibly be helpful, like the following:

  1. Prevent pornography

Exposure to be able to pornography may result in the desire to masturbate.

People who want to cease masturbating should avoid pornographic movies, pictures, and websites. In case a person may place a buffer between themselves and even pornography, it can help them crack the habit.

This is now super easy to access pornography in just a few mere seconds. However, people can easily try to restrict their access to pornography by using filters on electronic digital devices that block certain types regarding content, such since pornographic material.

Even though a person can easily unblock such web sites, taking the time to perform so can provide them time to regain power over their own impulses and enable typically the urge to complete.

installment payments on your Stay active

It can be helpful with regard to a person to find ways to occupy their very own time that does indeed not trigger the desire to masturbate.

Finding outlets with regard to energy release could affect the time invested masturbating. People can consider taking upwards a new leisure activity or learning a brand new skill, such while learning a music instrument or looking a new activity.

Developing new goals can help a person refocus their own energy and find exhilaration and fulfillment in other things like …

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Prank subscription box

Laughter is good for your health with Prank subscription box




Research has shown laughter has many health benefits. There have been studies that show laughter can relieve pain, bring joy, and increase immunity. Positive psychology recognizes the ability to laugh and the sense of humor among the 24 most important signature strengths.


Unfortunately, many people cannot get enough laughter in life.


According to one study, healthy children can laugh upto 400 times per night, while adults may only laugh 15 times per week.


Others find that we laugh more than usual, but if I’m being honest, almost all of us could do with a little more laughter. It is so beneficial for our stress levels as well as our overall wellbeing.


Stress Management Benefits from Laughter


Here are some ways laughter can help reduce stress with Prank subscription box




Laughter lowers stress hormones, such as cortisol, epinephrine(adrenaline), dopamine (growth hormone), and dopamine. It increases levels of health-enhancing hormonal like endorphins.


Laughter increases the number and effectiveness of T-cells, as well as the production of antibody-producing cells. This means that you have a stronger immune response and less stress.


Physical Release


Are you one of those people who feels like you need to laugh or cry? Do you ever feel a sense of relief after a good laugh. Laughter is a great way to release your emotions and physical pain.


Internal Workout


A good belly laugh can strengthen the diaphragm and contract the abdominals. It …

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Religion for persistence of human race

The Church of Free Will and Religion for persistence of human race



Free Will is the one true gift that we humans really do own. The single most important difference between us and the animals, is simply that we have the gift of reasoning. We also have the ability to use it to make rational decisions, to actually determine the course our lives should take. This is our Gift, but most of us don’t use it. This is one of the very few rights that we are truly born with and most of us spend the rest of our lives trying to give it away. They go to their governments, churches and courts to ask, “Please tell me what is right and wrong, make these decisions for me. Show me how to live my life.” Use that great, reasoning, human mind and make your own decisions, use your own judgment of the right and wrong things to do, Decide where you want your life to go and how you want to get there. It’s your decision, make it!



Let me make something perfectly clear, This is not a church, This is something new. In fact, we really should make a new name for it, one that better describes our aims and goals.The main purpose of a church is to control people. It is a very clever method of mind control used by a small fraction of the population to control a large percentage of the rest. It works rather well, it works because most people want to be …

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Viral stud

The 18 Most-Followed TikTok Brands and Influencers by Viral Studio | Viral stud | Tiktok account management virality | Viral tiktok account creators




After reaching roughly 700 million active customers within a 12 months . 5 of its 2018 launch, TikTok has become among the fastest-growing social mass media apps of typically the last 10 years


Just like any trendy cultural platform with the huge global target audience, influencers and brands are flocking to TikTok.


As a new marketer who’s contemplating TikTok opportunities, you might be thinking if you should start a good account for your company, or should you influence influencers who became a member of early on plus already know precisely how to create participating content for the young audience.


Download Right now: State of promoting within 2021 Record

Actually if you recognize what TikTok will be and the fundamentals of how to be able to use it, typically the social platform is definitely still very brand new. Because of this, there aren’t a lot of rules, norms, or solid best practices intended for using the application just yet. In fact, most of the content on it remains fairly experimental and even creative. At this particular point, as opposed to asking, “What is TikTok? “, you could be asking yourself, “What makes a good account successful presently there? ”


When this comes to understanding what makes written content on a new public media platform productive, the best thing to do is look from the tactics of its most popular accounts. Researching what the very best are performing on an app like TikTok may also inspire …

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