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Laundry delivered




Washmates streamline is a revolution in hotel linen management. It replaces the existing ‘Delayed Exchange Method’ of replenishing hotel linen with a system that is simpler for the hotel and more controllable for the laundry. Learn more about Laundry delivered here.


If the old system was like an early 19th century bicycle, then Washmates streamline is like the highly engineered speed machines worthy of our British Cycling champions! Washmates streamline is designed to transform your linen room and take the hard work out of all linen-related housekeeping duties (no wonder it’s so popular with everyone).


The Washmates streamline Switchover


How does it work?


How are the deliveries calculated?


Why is Washmates streamline better for everyone?


How do we switch to Washmates streamline?


The Washmates streamline Switchover | Summer 2013


Every month, more customers switch to Washmates streamline.

We’d like everyone to enjoy the benefits of this revolutionary system, so we’ve launched our Washmates streamline Switchover campaign which we hope will see all Washmates customers upgrading to Washmates streamline by Summer 2013.

Washmates streamline. It’s coming to your hotel.


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How does it work?


Streamline works on the principle of supplying linen on a managed basis to minimise housekeeping effort. This is how we do it:


  •  You receive linen in agreed standard quantities

These are carefully calculated to ensure they are in line with recent usage and your current linenroom stock. We send a Schedule 1 week in advance so you can review the planned delivery and amend in line with anticipated occupancy levels.


  •  Once a week, you submit a count of all your clean stock

There’s no need to submit daily soiled counts ever again.



How are deliveries calculated?


Your ELRC (expected linen room count of clean stock) is the central and most important calculation. This becomes the fixed ‘target’ figure for all future calculations. Each week, we compare your submitted linen room count with the ELRC to calculate your next week’s Delivery Schedule. Using our knowledge and experience we also factor-in other variables to manage the system as efficiently and effectively as possible.


Why is Washmates streamline better for everyone?


Washmates streamline is nothing short of a revolution in linen replenishment. The transforming benefits are felt across your organisation, from Housekeepers to all your keen-eyed management people who really appreciate the consistency it gives to their budget planning and purchasing:


  • Better stock control & linen room management

You have a full week’s visibility of quantities being delivered.

Deliveries are easier to manage.

Continuity of service is less affected by staff holidays or sickness.

Submitting a clean count once a week is easier and saves time.


  • Reduced administration

Less labour intensive, less time spent counting (no more soiled counts).

Fewer stock-related laundry issues.

More consistent deliveries and invoices, reflecting occupancy levels.

Streamline gives you a ‘buffer’, giving you contingency stocks.


How do we switch to Washmates streamline?


Your laundry service provider will manage the switch to Washmates streamline with your co-operation. Using our collective knowledge, we tailor Washmates streamline to perfectly match the linen requirements of your hotel.